Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Baby" Sin

I love simple life illustrations that can cause us to check our spiritual selves.

Today I recorded a short thank you liner to a Business Impact Partner the station I work at, KAMB. I went into studio C and sat in front of the mic and hit record on our Sound Forge program. I read my script and went back to my desk. I asked our Production Coordinator and IT guy to come and constructively critique my liner. We laughed at the fact that it had been very rare that a woman had asked for his criticism.

He played it, then played it again. "This can't be good," I thought.

Then he asked me to say, "support."
I said, "suppordt."
"Support" he said, enunciating the "T" at the end. I was clearly leaving that "t" off my pronunciation.

I don't think people understand the difficulty of radio and speaking publicly. Trust me. It's more than talking into a mic.

We laughed about it and I went back in to re-record.

This little episode got me thinking about life and the "small" or "baby" sins in our life. Things we do over and over and probably don't even realize it's wrong until someone points it out to us. News flash! There is no "small or baby" sin, at least in the sense that all sin is disobedience.

Let us always be aware and accountable. 

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