Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Friend Indeed

I have an amazing friend.
Though many miles separate us, she has always been a blessing! Always making an effort to call me despite my lack of reciprocation. Not because I don't want to call her, but because I feel I have nothing new or exciting to say. My life is boring. Busy but boring.

I can't count the amount how many times I've called her and her first response is, "what's wrong?" She knew. She just knew I needed her friendship.

For a week she has been on my heart. I passed her old house and didn't call. I saw her mom in an old photo and didn't call. I found an old picture of us together from days gone by and I STILL didn't call her. I told my husband I needed to call her...it had been to long since hearing her voice and STILL didn't call her. All within seven days. What is wrong with me?

Finally, this afternoon I called her. What a joy welled up inside me, hearing her voice. I may not have had anything new or exciting to share with her, but maybe it wasn't about me. Maybe she needed to know that I was thinking about her. How was she to know I'd been thinking and praying for her for a week? I had to tell her!

My prayer life often is lacking for a similar reason. I don't have anything needy or pressing to share with God. But he already knows the details of my life. Is it possible that he just wants to know that we know? He just wants our attention. He simply wants us to want Him.

This song makes me think of her every time! I love it and I love her!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hands and Feet for the McGowan Family

Sometimes stories come our way and we think, "how sad," offer up a quick prayer and move on with our day.

I get it! I'm right there with you.

Today was different. I was struck with the story of Ryan McGowan. In part because I went to high school with his mommy, in part because his big eyes gripped my heart.

We can never imagine the pain and heartache a family deals with minute by minute when dealing with a sick child. We may not know how to help or what to say.

How about being the hands and feet of Jesus in a tangible way? There are countless hospital costs, hotel charges, meals on the road, etc.

I'm sure every dollar matters to their family. Please click the link to the left and help however you can! I know they will be grateful. If you can't give financially, please pray. Not just a quick prayer but commit to praying ever day for their entire family as they trudge through this time!

Thank you

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