Wednesday, September 5, 2012


All of my kids have been readers and my youngest is no exception! Xzavier learning to r

Maybe it's nostalgia that reminds me that Xzavier is my last to have all these firsts. I've enjoyed every part of watching my kids learn and feel so blessed to have been home to see it all happen!

The other night Will and I and the kids were laughing at some of the funny video clips we have on the computer. One of them was Savannah, Isaac and Jaden outside when I caught them singing. I quickly grabbed my camera and caught them. In the midst of the song, Jaden (with his deep toddler voice) interjected his favorite part of Gavin Degraw's song Chariot.  When we finished I was in tears. Will grabbed my shoulder and said, "Aren't you glad you were home to see that?" 

I've always known how blessed I was to stay home with my kids. Blessed of God through the hard work and determination of my husband to make sure it happened! 

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