Tuesday, May 21, 2013

School Called (Kind of)

This post is a response to my recent moment at the pulpit, where I shared that social media can often make people feel inadequate because of all the "successes and praises" that people share.

I thought I'd share one of those things that rarely gets mentioned on social media. Those things we aren't proud of but happen every day! I'll go first and maybe you'd like to chime in on your [not so] shining moments as a parent.

I went to pick up the little guys from school today and encountered the teacher of my older son. They had their annual swim day so I asked if my son came home with his towel. She said, "I don't know, but did he tell you what happened at the pool?"

"No." I replied, "What happened?"

Pride started welling up inside me. "I bet he jumped in to help someone who was struggling in the pool," I thought. I even stood taller as she began to share the story.

Isaac had been in the bathroom with a group of boys who were attempting to flush someone's underwear down the toilet.  

As each word exited her lips, my shoulders slumped a little more.

No- he didn't actually participate in the flushing, but became "guilty by association" for being in there while it happened.


That's it. My shame for the day. What else is there to say?

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