Thursday, September 10, 2009

In preparation

Everything worth doing is worth doing well, right?
Shouldn't that include preparation of said project? Definitely.
As a student in elementary school we are taught how to outline a story or report. We are taught how to do a rough draft. Its a rewarding experience to look back on that outline and see how it turned into the final draft?

It's preparation time for Mars Hill Revisited. During a couple week break of concerts and practices, lead singer and song writer, Will Clark is laying down some tracks for the other members of the band to take home and practice to. Bassist and vocalist, Mike Clark, will be working on some great new bass lines while lead guitarist Marc Putnam, Jr works his magic on some lead parts and fill-in. Drummer, Daniel Martinez, will no doubt add his love for hip-hop into the new rock beats that will be concocted.

The band looks forward to October when they go back into the studio to record a "radio-worthy" EP.
The preparation is huge for the band. They must go into the studio ready to go, like they've been playing these songs in their dreams. With hopeful expectation, MHR prepares!

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