Monday, December 13, 2010

Finding Rest in His Plan

I have a 45 minute commute to work. I'm only there three days a week so it's not daunting. However, I always feel like I'm running behind because before I head to work I drop 3 kids at school and one child to grandma. If anyone runs the least bit behind, then I'm behind. The only way to make up that time, in my mind, is to exceed the speed limit ever so slightly. *wink*wink.

Today was no exception. Driving down the freeway I saw the familiar shape of a law enforcement vehicle. I was going 67 mph in a 65 zone, so I was comfortable to pass him as he was caught behind a semi truck and going below the speed limit. As I passed him I noticed two things; first, he was off duty and second he was from a town 20 miles south of where I was.

"Great," I thought, "I'm going to be stuck going the speed limit for the next 20 miles."

I considered hiding between semi-trucks until I could get far enough away that I could make up some time and get to work. Then a question hit often do we, as Christians do the same thing? We drive 80 mph until we see a police car then we slow down. Are we waiting for God to put up an "out of service" sign so we can get passed him and continue on our same path. 

Instead of speeding toward something that may or may not be part of his plan for your life, why not rest in His shadow. He will empower everything we do if we let Him.

Let's imagine we have done that. We have rested in His shadow and allowed his plan to be unveiled slowly. Can you imagine how much more energy we'll have to do His work? 

Rest in Him

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