Sunday, December 12, 2010

Daddy to the Rescue

I caught a glimpse of God through my husband today. It's a beautiful thing when moments like this one occur.
The neighborhood kids were outside as usual, tossing the ball around. My kids quickly got their football and joined in on the fun.  My oldest (and quietest) son, Isaac, went across the street where the lawn spans three homes without a break.  A couple of older and bigger kids came to play too. The game quickly turned from a friendly game of catch to a competitive game of tackle. Rather than come crying or tattling to me or demanding he get his ball back, he came home to play.

When I asked him what happened (even though I saw the whole thing unfold) he simply said, "I didn't want to play anymore." I asked him why, to which he simply responded, "tackle."
The mother bear in me wanted to go demanding the ball back or tell them to go back to the game of catch. But I know my son. He would have hated me doing that!

He started  a new game with the smaller of the boys. They didn't want to participate in the tackle game either so they came to our yard with Isaac.  But, as I've been told by more than one (non-related) adult lately...people follow Isaac. There's something about him to which other kids gravitate. So of course the other boys came over, along with a girl who was smaller, but her mouth was just as big.

I texted my husband who was next door at the church. Three simple sentences, "Come out. Big and big mouthed boys. Your son's intimidated."

Sure enough the steel doors of the church opened and I thought, " you're gonna get it, boys...."
I should have known better. My husband in his own quiet way, joined in the game.  Without anyone (but me) noticing- the simple game of catch Isaac was hoping for gradually made it's way to a different part of the yard. 

Isn't that how God moves sometimes? He doesn't completely change our circumstance or take that difficult situation away the way we hope He does. He just, every so quietly, puts himself between us our situation. He takes the brunt of whatever force comes at us. What a comfort that gives me.

I am so grateful. So blessed. So beyond amazed that I was chosen to be His!

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