Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Baby isn't a Baby

My last baby lost his first tooth today. Maybe he lost it last night. The reason for the confusion is that we didn't notice it was lost until 9:15a.m, two hours after we woke up.

While combing Xavier's hair he smiled in the mirror and I said, "Hey, your tooth!" He threw his arms in the air and screamed, "Ah! My tooth!!" I said, "Wait, where is it?" He screamed again and ran out of my room screaming excitedly, "My tooth, my tooth, where is it?"

Honestly, I thought there was no way we'd see it again. I mean when and where did it get lost? He'd already had eggs, bacon and pancakes. I figured he swallowed it.

I suggested we crawl on our hands and knees from his room to my room as a place to start. Then I realized that he had come to my bed in the wee hours of the morning. Will thought he probably knocked it out in his sleep. I told them to start looking in the bed.

Isaac, our nine year old seeing his opportunity to help runs to the bed and starts throwing the pillows everywhere and voila'!! The tooth was there, just waiting to be found!!

Xzavier has been nervous for weeks thinking through how his tooth would fall out, wondering if it was going to hurt or bleed. Now he's so proud. He's looking forward to when his next one falls out.

As his mom, I'm proud too. But I keep thinking, how did we get here? Wasn't it just last week when I was juggling a newborn, two toddlers and a kindergartner?

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