Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When will the dream come true?

Last year MHR was selected to be part of the Joshua Fest music festival in Quincy, California. Due to the economic downfall, it was unfortunately canceled.
Joshua Fest is small when compared to other Christian Music Festivals, ie. Creation Fest, Spirit West Coast but it's a great event in a remote area of California.

Fast forward to 2009 and JFest is excited to bring back some amazing acts to Quincy and we began making thoughts and preparations. Surely we would still be invited, right? Wrong. They did however invite us to play an "almost acoustic" spot between the main stage act times. Crazy and we had to decline the event!

We have been busy, last year, playing over 40 shows in addition to 2x weekly practices and full time jobs, families, the change of a drummer, etc. We're grateful for the opportunities that were given to us, but we want MORE!

What we really need is an AMAZING demo. That's what the immediate goal is.
We keep having some crazy things happen around us and it causes questioning. Should we still be doing this? Are we doing enough? What should be different.

Only God knows, but we will press on until there's a definite answer or call, to give it up.
Until then, you can find us on Saturday the 15th of August in Ceres, California at 11:am for a church fundraiser playing along side Radio Friendly. Great guys!

Come out and join us...you won't be disappointed!

Elaine Clark
Acting Mgr for Mars Hill Revisited

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